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Prefab Editor - is a tool to apply changes to prefabs in runtime. You can change anything in prefab instance (root object or any child) in runtime, then select changes you want to apply and press apply. It is just that simple.
For example it is super convenient when editing UI. You tweak position, colors, and other properties of your element and than you have to memorize changes (or write them down), press stop, find prefab and make them again. With Prefab Editor you can just apply selectively changes you need.

Key features

  • Automatically searches for prefab your selected. If more than one found - you can select the one you need.
  • Supports adding new components, deleting existing compoents and changing any component property.
  • Supports changing reference properties.
  • Optimized to work very fast even on huge projects.

How to use


For any questions and suggestions please write sublime.script.unity@gmail.com